Replacement Accessories for Installing Your Deck Railing

Rail Hanger Brackets are included in all Railing Kits. Only the Tuscany Style Stair Railing Kits include the Stair Angle Adaptors. To covert the Traditional Railing Kit for stairs, you’ll need to order the Stair Angle Adaptors below. Stair Angle Adaptors are sold 15 Adaptors in a pack. A six-foot stair section requires 30 Stair Angle Adaptors.


Rail Hanger Bracket Kit

Item No: 2-HW9509600W

Weight: 0.22 lb

Unit Size: 5 W x 2 H x 5 L

Rail Hanger Brackets to Install Top and Bottom Rails. (2) Hangers Per Package. Installs One Top or Bottom Rail. Includes Stainless Steel Screws.

Price: $ 4.18

Stair Angle Adaptors

Stair Angle Adaptors – Black

Item No: 2-AL9400B00W

Weight: 0.138 lb
Unit Size: 4 W x 3 H x 5 L

Stair Angle Adaptors to Install Balusters to Stair Railings. 15 Stair Angle Adaptors Per Package. 2 Packages (30) Required to Install a Full 6 ft. Rail.

Price: $ 5.91